About Us

Seminar Graphics is going forward into 2018, twice as big as it began the start of 2017.

And by this time next year, we are hoping that we will become one of the leading blogs on smart phones and technology.

This success has happened as a result of both hard work and bloody minded determination on the part of our Editor, Michael Ashcroft.

But it has only been made possible by YOU the reader, getting involved and interacting with our blog.

We have received so many positive comments – and some critical ones – from our readers since we started this blog in 2015. We are truly grateful for all the perspectives and opinions that have been shared with us, as they have helped us shape this blog and turn it into a place with something to say about the world of cell phones.


Michael began this blog in 2015, as a small project, to share his thoughts and feelings about smart phones and similar technology.

He has worked for years in the games and video industry and so has plenty of relevant techy experience. To begin with, this site was mostly just a hobby and sideline to his main career in industry.

But since the start of 2017, he has had to appoint a Deputy Editor and other assistants to help him keep up with the volume of work!

As well as this blog, Michael contributes frequently to other industry publications and other websites and freelances for the Washington Post.


Annie started as an intern for Seminar Graphics in 2016 and has since moved up to the new role of Deputy Editor.

She is responsible for writing content, reviewing products and overseeing the growing numbers of bloggers and reviewers, that our blog relies upon!

Before coming to us, Annie has also written for many other tech websites and publications. She has a degree in Journalism from Boston University.