Charge A Phone In Twelve Minutes? You Could Do Soon With New Technology

Mobile phone giant Samsung are hard at work on a new technology which could vastly speed up mobile phone charging times.

As the ongoing development of technology such as battery powered cars continues apace, the thing that is holding back progress is only the ability to charge these devices in a shorter time space.

This is why Samsung have been looking to new ways of speeding up the process of re powering a cell phone. The ambitious claim is that it should be able to revive your dead batteries in only twelve minutes.

At the moment Quick Charge is the method that is best known for charging up a phone quickly. But if these new developments are successful, this could seem like old news.

The method they are looking at is by the use of something called Graphene.

Graphene is looking likely to be the method of delivering power and recharging devices quick sharp, all the way from the phone in your pocket, to the electric car you are soon to be driving.

To get more technical, it is one single strand of carbon atoms. This is then placed into a network, which is hexagonal.

This atomic material will be at the forefront of semi conductors of the future and has implications for research in physics.

But more importantly, it could be used to take your pooped cell phone from dead to resurrected, in less than fifteen minutes flat!

The company has produced balls made of Graphene that are then added to a mobile phone battery. Although the atomic layers are incredibly small and thin, they are more resilient than steel – by two hundred times!

This technology could also expand the life of the battery by 45% and can operate even in hot conditions – up to 60 degrees Celsius in fact.

The ability to withstand heat, as well as charge up a battery very quickly makes them of interest to car manufacturers everywhere.

Expect to see the use of Graphene expand rapidly in the next decade, as it is being hailed as a ‘miracle’.

Discovered in 2004, the material is set to become the next big development in technology and will surely soon replace the use of lithium batteries in everyday gadgets and devices.

By potentially charging a smart phone within twelve minutes, this means that the phone in your pocket can be fully revitalized in a fifth of the time that it currently takes to charge up – we can’t wait to see this in practice!

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Maybe these are not the trendiest kids on the block, but if you choose the BlackBerry Motion you will be well rewarded.

We rate this company for their expertise when it comes to issues such as the visual design of the product, as well as essential issues such as hardware and security.

A vast improvement on the BlackBerry 10, this incarnation of the BlackBerry is more akin to an iPhone. This is an Android phone which runs smoothly and helps bring all the apps and design together into one neat package that just works well.

We have always liked apps like the BlackBerry Hub, which exist to give you all the news that is important to you (email, text messages and everything rolled into one) but there is more good stuff to come.

One of the enduring features about the BlackBerry, is that the hardware is built to last and by that we mean that the battery life on the BlackBerry Motion is superior to most other smart phones.

Even after some heavy duty usage, the battery on this phone never let me down and that is a lot more than we can say about some other phones out there!

Also helping with its’ hardwearing status is the fact that this phone has a degree of waterproofing on it.

Are there any disappointments? Well, sure, any budding photographers out there are probably going to feel a little down in the dumps about the photo quality – the camera on a BlackBerry has never been one of its best features. But for a great all round user experience, we think that this phone ticks enough of all the boxes to secure a pass!

Recommended all round!


Hands up who has still got an ancient Nokia phone, that still works just fine?  Even if you need your Nokia smart phone fixed, they’re pretty easy to bring back to life.

We love Nokia phones, for providing a reliable back up option for when your high maintenance smart phone has dried up and you need something to make an actual phone call on, in an emergency. The tiny Nokia mobile is still an important plan B, even in this era.

So we were pleased to discover that the Nokia 8 is a great phone and one that should be amongst your pick of the bunch for Santa to deliver on December 25th.

For a start off, the camera is first rate and you will be able to take some truly mind blowing photos with this phone.

It also runs smoothly (on Android, of course) and now additionally looks sensational.

Brains as well as brawn come as standard with the Nokia 8, and we recommend it without hesitation!


Although we like all the Samsung Galaxy series, the Samsung Galaxy 8+ has to be our clear winner.

This is a slick operation, which not only looks beautiful, but handles brilliantly.

The battery life is the best out of all the phones we have tested this year and then there is the excellent photo quality as well, to take into account.

With a larger battery and therefore extended use time, the Samsung Galaxy 8+ has just the edge on features you want this Christmas in a smart phone.

All three of our top picks make great choices for your – or someone else’s – stocking this Christmas!