Charge A Phone In Twelve Minutes? You Could Do Soon With New Technology

Mobile phone giant Samsung are hard at work on a new technology which could vastly speed up mobile phone charging times.

As the ongoing development of technology such as battery powered cars continues apace, the thing that is holding back progress is only the ability to charge these devices in a shorter time space.

This is why Samsung have been looking to new ways of speeding up the process of re powering a cell phone. The ambitious claim is that it should be able to revive your dead batteries in only twelve minutes.

At the moment Quick Charge is the method that is best known for charging up a phone quickly. But if these new developments are successful, this could seem like old news.

The method they are looking at is by the use of something called Graphene.

Graphene is looking likely to be the method of delivering power and recharging devices quick sharp, all the way from the phone in your pocket, to the electric car you are soon to be driving.

To get more technical, it is one single strand of carbon atoms. This is then placed into a network, which is hexagonal.

This atomic material will be at the forefront of semi conductors of the future and has implications for research in physics.

But more importantly, it could be used to take your pooped cell phone from dead to resurrected, in less than fifteen minutes flat!

The company has produced balls made of Graphene that are then added to a mobile phone battery. Although the atomic layers are incredibly small and thin, they are more resilient than steel – by two hundred times!

This technology could also expand the life of the battery by 45% and can operate even in hot conditions – up to 60 degrees Celsius in fact.

The ability to withstand heat, as well as charge up a battery very quickly makes them of interest to car manufacturers everywhere.

Expect to see the use of Graphene expand rapidly in the next decade, as it is being hailed as a ‘miracle’.

Discovered in 2004, the material is set to become the next big development in technology and will surely soon replace the use of lithium batteries in everyday gadgets and devices.

By potentially charging a smart phone within twelve minutes, this means that the phone in your pocket can be fully revitalized in a fifth of the time that it currently takes to charge up – we can’t wait to see this in practice!