Write For Us

Seminar Graphics are expanding and need YOU to help fill the void!

We are looking for several talented writers, reviewers, bloggers and interns to join us and take our blog into 2018!


Have you got more ideas than you know what to do with? Is your head bubbling with things that people just have to know, about the latest iPhone or Android release?

If this is the case, then maybe we could use your enthusiasm.

Our bloggers talk about everything from the latest technology in their favorite smart phone, to wearable tech. And sometimes, they just offer opinions about what they think of the tech out there and what makes it great – or deadly – to use.

In short, they have opinions. Lots of them – and they aren’t afraid to air them!

Our bloggers are nothing if not opinionated – but this is also backed up with a flair for writing and being able to communicate their passions succinctly and effectively.

We are looking for people who can master the English language and convey an idea, with minimal fuss and bother.

Our readers are avid and interested tech consumers. But, like all modern readers, they are busy people. Therefore, we are looking for bloggers who can write snappy and short blogs, which will be delivered daily for our website.

To apply, send a brief email to Annie Holdsworth, Deputy Editor, with a couple of short examples of your work.

Experience is preferred, but not essential.


In addition to blogging, we also have a comprehensive review section featured on our site, which aims to document every new release and major development in the world of mobile and smart phone technology.

Each week, we will assign our reviewers a new product to try out and write about.

Reviews are between 300-500 words each, sometimes with an extended review of 1000 words, for a featured product.

We are looking for writers who know their stuff and can write comfortably and accurately about the technologies involved in the development of the products.

Reviews are published weekly and reviewers must be able to be impartial, and leave their personal feelings about a certain company, or manufacturer at the door, when trying out new products.

All reviews are subject to the same list of considerations, and a checklist of things that we want our readers to be aware of.

Please do not apply for this role if you are not happy about the technical criteria for the job.

For more information, please contact Samuel Jones, Technical Manager.